Save a Few Dollars on Lunch or Dinner

Visit us for our daily specials in El Paso, Texas

Sometimes, when you get the final bill, you have buyers' remorse. You're thinking to yourself: Did I really have to spend that much on dinner? You won't get that feeling at the pit of your stomach when you visit Gonzalo's G & R Mexican Restaurant.

Our menu is always reasonably priced so you don't have to feel guilty for going out. But if your purse strings are tied, visit us Monday through Thursday for our daily specials. We'll help you save a few bucks while you chow down on some of the best Mexican food in El Paso, Texas.

Take a look at our fantastic specials

Take a look at our fantastic specials

What are you in the mood for? We've got something on the menu for you at Gonzalo's G & R Mexican Restaurant. If you want to save a couple bucks, visit us during the week for the following specials:

  • Monday: Mole
  • Tuesday: Tacos al Pastor
  • Wednesday: Gorditas
  • Thursday: Albondigas

We've got the freshest, most authentic Mexican meals in El Paso, Texas. For amazing food specials, visit Gonzalo's today.